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PICS: Miley Cyrus suffers the ULTIMATE wardrobe malfunction

Written By Unknown on Monday, July 22, 2013 | 5:43 AM

July 22, 2013
Miley Cyrus has been left seriously red faced after she suffered the MOTHER of all wardrobe malfunctions during a night out with Nicole Scherzinger over the weekend.

The former Disney star accidentally flashed her lady parts in front of the paparazzi after being let down by her very short shorts. Continue reading...
A Few Words With Snoop Dogg
As he came past me, over one of the white picket fences decorating the backstage area, I said "good show". To this, someone laughed. But Snoop turned around and said "thanks", (although it was rather quiet, so it might easily have been a grunt). Nonetheless, I was satisfied. Continue reading...
Will Prince Will Succumb to the Latest Celeb Trend the 'Push Present'?‏
ay is believed to have dropped a tidy sum on a whopping blue diamond ring, in honour of their daughter's name. It's a new trend that celebs are adopting, so when I suggested I needed a "push present"... It's a growing phenomenon in the US, and with the birth of Prince Wills and Kate's first baby imminent, I'm left to wonder whether she will get one too. Continue reading...
Saul Bass and 100 Essential Movie Posters
For over 20 years, I was a vintage movie poster dealer; owner of The Reel Poster Gallery and consultant for Christies, London. I curated movie poster exhibitions worldwide and published several books on movie posters. Throughout this time I was constantly asked, 'What is my favourite poster?' Continue reading...
British Theatrical Invasion in NY's Sweltering Heat
As long as there are boards to tread on both sides of the Atlantic, you can be sure a British-American theatrical exchange will be going on in New York. Continue reading...
Big Brother - Week 5 Opinion
It's interesting to see how the tables have now turned. Dexter and Gina my two favourites are now recognised as the most popular housemates in the outside world, to the rest of them, whilst former "insiders" such as Hazel and Charlie are on the potential chopping line for next week. Continue reading...

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